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    microfinance projects
    Participate in microfinance projects around the globe by placing your funds into one of our investment pools. We handle legal issues, disbursement, and collection while keeping an eye on the market to make sure your money is working for you in the most efficient way. You are helping thousands find much needed financing.
  • Icon Earn up to 6% per week on
    your investment
    Microfinance loan rate aret substantially higher than those of high-street lenders in developed countries. Short-term span of the loans allows lenders to consistently earn higher rates through fixed charges in addition to interest rates.
  • Icon Contribute to
    economic growth
    Microfinance is a prime source for funding in economies where mainstream lending had not developed to a point where financing is available to everyone. By investing with Century, you are contributing to economic growth in developing countries and emerging economies.

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Refer a friend and receive up to 6% commission on this/her investment.

You do not have to invest to offer your referral services to Century, but you do have to have an active account with us. Referral commission increases as you atttract more investors to Century. As your referral potential grows, Century will start paying commission on your second and third level referrals.


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